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The company the R-class began more 17 years ago, as small elite studio on tailoring of professional ballet footwear for soloists of leading theatres of Russia.

Already at the very beginning of the activity the company corporate style has been generated, original models of pointes and soft ballet footwear are developed.

Basis of a professional recognition of the company the R-class was that all workers of firm had the rich practical experience which has been saved up within the precincts of Is art-industrial Workshops of the BOLSHOI THEATRE.

For 10 years of studio has turned to factory which makes the professional high-quality ballet footwear successfully competing in the world market with leading manufacturers of ballet production.

At the moment the company the R-class delivers the production in the majority of the academic theatres of Russia, near and far abroad, has the representations in the USA and Japan.

The site brought to your attention will allow to familiarise with the fullest information on made production of the company the R-class, and also will allow to choose and order it easily.

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